About Us

The origins of Glacier Hops Ranch (GHR) began quietly in 2012, as the first commercial hopyard in Montana.  Originally established to test the Flathead Valley’s microclimate for aroma, yield and vigor at a latitude equal to Germany’s famed hop-growing region, GHR now supports other growers in developing markets for their hops.

In the ensuing years, GHR has evolved into becoming a global Broker/Dealer of premium processed hops sourced directly from hop growers and warehouses around the world. Our objective is to provide single-sourcing for our customers of the most requested varieties at the most competitive prices.

GHR is also the sole global producer of Hopzoil™. In 2015 we began testing the viability of extracting hop oils from fresh, wet hops right out of the field. We now produce a fresh-hop, steam-distilled pure essential oil through a proprietary process that captures the freshness of hops in the field at the peak of ripeness. Hopzoil™ allows brewers and beverage producers the ability to capture those full-strength, pure volatile oils that are typically lost in the traditional hops drying process and put that fresh hop sensory impact right into the finished beverage.

GHR recently launched two technologically-advanced formats of Hopzoil that are fully water-soluble in beer and beverage.  This game-changing technology has been embraced by breweries and beverage companies around the world.

The GHR team of professionals brings decades of experience in complimentary fields, including research, brewing, packaging, quality-control, logistics, sales and marketing, all to provide the best service possible to our customers located around the globe.

Dried hop pellets

Who We Are

Montana.  Big Sky Country.  Cowboys.  Glacier National Park

This is where we live, this is who we are, and we don’t apologize to anyone for our fierce independence.

Our founder, Tom Britz competed internationally in cow-horse sports (team penning and ranch sorting, his wife also in reining competition), including qualifying for the U.S. National Championships in Texas three times, as well as competing in the World Championships.  The “cowboy” culture in our company heritage is ingrained from Tom’s ranching and competition culture and is the founding principles of operating the company.

Montana’s #1 industry is agriculture and has long been a producer of world-class malting barley for the brewing industry, but is a relative newcomer to the hops arena.  Our pioneering efforts to test-cultivate hops in a non-traditional growing region was initially met with skepticism.  While not part of the original plan, we found that our latitude near the 49th parallel (the US-Canadian border) is actually at the same latitude of the famed Hallertau region of Northern Bavaria and the Saaz-growing region of the Czech Republic.

Hops thrive in Montana, and so does Glacier Hops Ranch.

Meet the Team

Tom Britz

Tom Britz

Founder and CEO

Tom’s career background has spanned decades in both marketing and new business development, the latter of which led to him being the visionary behind what is now Glacier Hops Ranch.

In 2015, Tom was elected the first-ever National At-Large Director of the Hop Growers of America (HGA). He was subsequently appointed as National Chairman of the HGA’s Small Grower Council, which oversaw the development of Enterprise Cost Studies and Best Practices for small hop growers during his tenure.

An accomplished horseman, Tom and his wife Annie competed from Canada to Texas and were nationally ranked in the cow horse sports of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting. They qualified and competed for the National Championships in Texas three times, and once for the World Championships, but today most of Tom’s equine activity is an occasional trail ride in the forest surrounding his Whitefish property…the original Glacier Hops Ranch.

Todd Malo

Todd Malo

COO and Research Brewer

Todd brings a range of experience to the Glacier Hops Ranch team; including 14 years as a brewer, a degree in Chemistry from Colorado State University, and a successful tenure as the CEO of an herbal extracts company.

Much of that experience is being put to use in making sure that Glacier Hops Ranch offers the highest quality and consistently superior products.

With brewing as his first love and 14 years of commercial brewing experience, Todd is right at home here at GHR, researching and developing Hopzoil recipes and assisting customers on technical issues.

Raised on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota, a solid work ethic is in his blood and he enjoys the daily challenges of the job. But, there’s still time to enjoy a good game night or watch one of his beloved Minnesota teams (Wild and Vikings) with his wife, Kari . . . while drinking a good beer, of course.

Cricket Sparks

Cricket Sparks

Quality Manager

Prior to joining the Glacier Hops Ranch team, Cricket spent 15 years in the Dietary Supplement Industry managing both Quality Control and Supply Chain divisions. As a genuine people-person, she also spent time in Human Resources and was a great advocate for both employee and company.

Cricket’s dedication to GHR and its customers is a great asset. As she says, “It’s very important to me to be able to maintain high quality through our supply chain controls while meeting our consumer demands for the highest quality ingredients.”

Growing up around the famous, freshly-roasted green chiles and the annual hot air balloon festival of Albuquerque, her yearly trip to Montana visiting family inspired a change after graduation. Cricket has called Montana home ever since, where she enjoys all it has to offer with family and friends, including her three beautiful daughters.

Kelly Pris

Kelly Pris

Sales & Marketing Manager

Kelly brings 17+ years of Marketing experience to the Glacier Hops Ranch team, most of that in the Nutritional Supplement industry. With a Bachelors Degree from Concordia College in both Graphic Design and Advertising/Public Relations, her creative and communication skills compliment the years of marketing management that already exist within the team.

Having spent years managing both marketing and sales teams, she knows the key to success is excellent communication and developing relationships; which she enjoys doing with both co-worker and customer.

A farm girl, born and raised under the Big Sky of Eastern Montana, Kelly returned to the other side of the state after graduating college and has spent the past 17 years getting used to the Mountains; skiing, hiking, and paddling the many rivers and lakes with her husband and two young daughters.

Lara Block

Lara Block

Logistics Supervisor

Lara fills a critical need at Glacier Hops Ranch, bringing nearly seven years of experience with logistics management. Having navigated the ever-changing waters of shipping, both domestic and international, she is key to ensuring distribution of hops pellets and Hopzoil around the world—with lots of laughter and a good pair of tennis shoes.

Prior to her career in logistics, Lara was a cosmetologist for 22 years, and she puts the same care into her shipping clients as she did her beauty clients.

Born into an Air Force family, Lara spent time in many states and countries, but considers Spokane, Washington home (Go Zags!). Having lived in Montana for 10 years, she and her husband enjoy hiking, skiing, boarding, fishing, and family time with their six wonderful children, four grandchildren, and three furry kids.

Leah Morrison

Leah Morrison

HOPSquad Sales Consultant

Leah has spent three-and-a-half decades in customer service; serving as a chauffeur driver in Vail, Colorado, guiding motorcoach tours through National Parks of the western U.S., and now, providing support and sales for Glacier Hops Ranch customers.

As one of the longer-tenured employees of GHR, Leah is a great source of knowledge and experience.  Leah started part-time by filling Hopzoil samples for a trade show, and she never left — becoming skilled at shipping hop pellets to Craft breweries all over the world.

A Montana native, Leah’s outgoing personality took her on many adventures before returning to Montana in 2014 and settling in Whitefish. While her daughter carries on in her adventurous footsteps, Leah herself enjoys the laid-back Montana life with Van Morrison (her retrofitted Ford E-350 camper van), making friends, and spreading cheer wherever she goes.

Bridget Larson

Bridget Larson

HOPSquad Sales Consultant

A self-described “people-person” and entrepreneur, Bridget built a retail business in her hometown from the ground up and operated it for 25 years. Always looking for cutting-edge products, she feels that she has found the ultimate cutting edge product…Hopzoil…right here at GHR.

She previously worked for the USDA Farm Service Agency assisting farmers and ranchers, earning an Outstanding Outreach award. A true extrovert, she even starred in a music video, winning the USDA/FSA Poetry and Prose contest.

Bridget is living her best life in Whitefish; enjoying concerts, paddle boarding, golf, boating, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, plus home decorating, cooking and entertaining. Travel and adventure are a passion, and she particularly loves being with friends and family, especially her fiancé and extended family.

Sabina Staubertova

Sabina Staubertova

HOPSquad Sales Consultant / European Brand Ambassador

After growing up in the center of the famous Czech Saaz hops growing region, Sabina went to work with ARIX, one of the largest hop grower co-ops in the Czech Republic. She managed logistics, client communications, and documentation for hops export shipments while at ARIX, after which she went back to school earned a degree in Media and Communications at the Metropolitan University of Prague.

Sabina joins the Glacier Hops Ranch team with tremendous experience in not only the hops industry, but the European communications industry. With her talents and knowledge, we hope to better serve European countries with not only American hop pellets, but our Hopzoil sensory bomb as well.

Hailing from the birthplace of Saaz, the Pilsners favorite hop, it’s safe to say that Sabina is fits right in at Glacier Hops Ranch.

Shauna Dunn

Shauna Dunn

Tradeshow Ambassador

It’s true what they say, “you can take the girl out of Butte, but you can’t take the Butte out of the girl”. Hailing from one of the friendliest towns in Montana (Butte, AMERICA!), Shauna started her involvement with Glacier Hops Ranch when she was crowned as the first Hops Queen of the Great Northwest Oktoberfest celebration.

Shauna’s engaging smile and lively personality are regulars at the GHR trade show booths, both domestic and internationally. While she is part of the ‘GHR family,’ her Master’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene and experience in occupational safety has earned her a position on Weyerhaeuser’s Corporate Health & Safety Team.

She lives in Whitefish with her two children Braylon and Grace, who keep her on the run. She has a regular presence in our office (as well as our tradeshows).

Cari Klepper

Cari Klepper

Event & Tradeshow Consultant

Cari brings 40 years of event planning and implementation experience to the GHR family. She founded The Chinook Group, LLC a corporate events company in 1993 and has key clients such as Microsoft, Capgemini, Plantronics and many more.

Prior to founding The Chinook Group, Cari co-founded Big Sky Music, a musical advertising company, worked for the U.S. Small Business Administration, the White House, and the United Shareholders Association–working closely with famous Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Montana, Cari spent most of her early adult life living and working in Washington, DC, New York City and Seattle. She returned to her home state of Montana in 2006 and now lives in Whitefish with her husband, Kevin and two children, Christian and Kellie.