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Hop Oils

Hops. Therapeutic Use, Beyond Brewing

The use of hops in brewing has been well-established for centuries. But the first medicinal uses of hops were first documented in the 1100s along with indigenous cultures using them for healing purposes going back centuries more. Thanks to the terpenes (the same type of compounds in cannabis) found in  hops, recent scientific studies have shown benefits for issues such as sleep, stress and inflammation, among other benefits.

The Hops and Cannabis Connection

Hops are a member of the Cannabaceae family and contain many of the same terpenes (hop oils) that are found in cannabis and hemp. These naturally-occurring terpenes are found in the yellow lupulin resin of the hop flower. Our process captures them from unprocessed, fresh hops through steam distillation, producing a pure and highly-concentrated essential oil that is legal in every jurisdiction around the world.