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What is Hopzoil?

Hopzoil is a pure essential oil made from fresh hops.  It is the result of taking fresh wet hops at harvest time and steam-distilling them right on the farm, minutes after harvest.  This very different extraction method captures all of the essential oils found in fresh hops at the peak of ripenesss.  This method is distinctly different from traditional liquid extracts in both the raw ingredient (fresh hops vs. dried, processed hops) and the process.  Because it is steam-distilled and not processed using a CO2, ethanol or other solvent-based extraction method, there is no chance of residual solvent.  It contains one active ingredient, pure hop oil.

What are the differences between PURE, MAJIK and HAZY

PURE is the original pure essential oil. We do not suggest it for use in water-based beverage anymore (ie. Beer) , as it is not water-soluble and requires emulsification on the users end, which is not a perfect solution. MAJIK and PURE are dosed the same, so if you are switching from the original PURE format to MAJIK, you will not need to change your recipe. HAZY is slightly less concentrated so you have to add 20 % more to equal the same sensory as MAJIK and PURE.

What does it do?

It is a flavor and aroma addition. Think of it as “liquid dry-hopping”. Brewers use Hopzoil to replace (either paritally or fully) the dried hop pellets they use in dry-hopping. 

Is there any bittering component?

No. There are zero Alpha Acids in Hopzoil, no bittering component.

When do I add it?

Cold side only. Post-fermentation, pre-carbonation and before commercial packaging. Hopzoil is made up of terpenes which account for the amazing flavor and aroma. Terpenes have an extremely low flash point and if exposed to heat, they will evaporate. Adding it prior to carbonation is important because it may have an effect on the head retention of your beer.

How much do I use? What is the quantity of oil used compared to pellets?

For a partial replacement of pellets, the basic rule of thumb for MAJIK is 5 mL per BBL per one pound of hop pellets replaced. When doing a full replacement of pellets, it is 10 mL of Hopzoil per BBL per pound replaced (in a full replacement, there is no other hop flavor to support the aroma, so it needs more). HAZY requires a dosage increase of 20% over MAJIK – 6 mL per BBL per one pound of pellets for a partial replacement, and 12 mL for a full replacement.

Replacement AmountHopzoil MAJIK®Hopzoil HAZY®
Partial Replacement – Using both pellets and Hopzoil for dry-hopping5 mL (per pound) per BBL
[4.25 mL (per 400 g) per hl]
6 mL (per pound) per BBl
[5.1 ml (per 400g) per hl]
Full Replacement – Using ONLY Hopzoil for dry-hopping10 mL (per pound) per BBL
[8.5 mL (per 400 g) per hl]
12 mL (per pound) per BBL
[10.2 mL (per 400 g) per hl]
Does it require TTB Approval?

No. It is considered to be a “hop extract” and does not require any approval, application, certification, or formula submission by the TTB.

Can I mix MAJIK or HAZY with an ethanol?

No! It will cause the oil to separate out of the emulsion, producing precipitates.

What is the shelf-life of the oil?

Five years in bulk, when stored properly. Hopzoil must be store it at room temperature. Never freeze or refrigerate. If a partial container of Hopzoil is returned to the shelf for future use, just be sure to purge the container with nitrogen or CO2 to flush out the oxygen.

What is the shelf-life in beer?

The hop aroma lasts three to five times longer than hop aroma from pellets.

Can we get any variety of hop in Hopzoil?

We have about 20 different varieties and blends. New varieties and blends are added from time to time. For hard-to-get proprietary varieties, we have successfully matched flavor profiles by blending different varieties together. If you’re looking for something specific, just ask.

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Can Hopzoil get light struck (skunky)?

No. The compounds in hops that causes this skunkiness when exposed to light are called isohumulones. Hopzoil does not contain any of these compounds. 

How to I store Hopzoil?

At room temperature. Never refrigerate or freeze. If a partial bottle of Hopzoil remains after use, purge the Hopzoil container with CO2, replace the lid and store as you would with a new bottle.

Is Hopzoil true to type per hop variety?

Or, to put it another way, would Chinook Hopzoil have the identical oil profile as dried, processed Chinook pellets? Not exactly. Hopzoil contains a much higher level of volatile oils (terpenes) then dried hop pellets. So, while it will have the same general flavors and aromas, it will be much more intense and fresh, in much the same was as fresh basil is not the same as dried basil.

Is Hopzoil HAZY a solution for preventing my hazy IPA from settling?

Hopzoil HAZY will help to support the haze in your hazy beverage. Based on current shelf life study, our hazy product supports a hazy beer for least 120 days. This is still on going. The aroma and flavor are just as fresh as the day the product was put in the beer.

How is Hopzoil different from other extracts?

Hopzoil starts with a different raw ingredient; fresh wet hops at the peak of ripeness. Other oils use dried hops and/or pellets that have already lost a lot of their flavor and aroma due the heat used for drying. The most aromatic oils evaporate off during the drying process, but Hopzoil captures all of those before they have a chance to escape. The actual extraction process is also different. Hopzoil is produced by steam distillation. No CO2, solvents or other chemicals, just steam. The result is very different, providing an intense freshness and sensory impact that cannot be replicated with dried, processed hop.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity for Hopzoil?

No, we do not have minimums. However, the more you buy, the larger the discount on the price per milliliter.

What is the lead time for an order?

Most orders will ship within 24-48 hours. If your order is large, that timeframe may be extended, but we will inform you of that at time of order.

Can I contract?

Yes, and we very much encourage you to do so if you have a certain variety or blend that you know you will be using consistently. Hopzoil can only be produced once a year at harvest time. It is sold on a first come, first serve basis and it’s not uncommon to run low or out of a variety or blend in the months leading up to Harvest. If you contract for what you plan to use, we will save the stock for you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Is Hopzoil expensive?

The cost of Hopzoil is relative to the amount used and the increased profits. Comparing the cost of hop pellets to the cost of Hopzoil is not a fair comparison because there are many factors. For one, Hopzoil is incredibly concentrated. A little goes a long, long way. Additionally, Hopzoil will help you to increase your yield per batch. More beer to sell = More profit per batch! Ask your sales rep for details and to go over our Costing Worksheet with you, using your numbers to show you how much more you can make with using Hopzoil!

Below is an example of how to accurately compare costs and why taking into account the final result is important.