The NEW Extreme Dual-Purpose Hop

Exclusively from Glacier Hops Ranch

It is rare to find a hop that hits the multi-purpose dual extreme flexibility of Ahhhroma™. With AA% ranging from 15.4% to 18.8%, it is an ideal super-alpha bittering hop, but the secret to Ahhhroma™ is one of the highest volumes of aromatic oils found in American Aroma hops, with bold tropical fruit flavors, specifically pineapple, pear, mango and lime, that has been described by the Lab Technicians as reminding them of a Piña Colada, with additional notes of stone fruit, watermelon and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. An ideal hop for dry-hopping, it also provides an efficient balanced bitterness. Most popular in heavily hopped beer styles.

Ahhhroma™ Hops Sensory Profile


Secondary Notes


“We really enjoyed the Ahhhroma hops. It seems to be the best double hazy that we have made. It has enough complexity and intensity but still soft overall to not overwhelm in a high hop loaded beer.”

Patrick Raasch, Sunriver Brewing

“First, we’ve had several pre launches of the E.C. Dahls Montana Cold IPA from north to south in Norway…and people totally love it!!! That for sure includes me. The Ahhhroma is really something special!”

kristian berger, e.c. dahls brewery (carlsburg)

“Our Ahhhroma collab with you turned out great. It’s an awesome super light bodied 4.3% ABV hazy pale that has great aroma and a nice tropical hop profile with a little bitter punch that rounds it all out.”

brock carson, bike rack brewing

About Ahhhroma™ Hops

When our original research hopyard was established back in 2013, we had as many as 44 different varieties being grown there.

We planted exclusively female plants, like any commercial hopyard. But the first few years, we did find some hermaphrodite plants (both male and female flowers on a single plant). That’s a bad situation, because a pollinated hop flower will produce 60% less lupulin resin, and you want to yank those bad boys out. The energy that normally goes into producing high levels of lupulin resin, is diverted instead to producing seeds. Every commercial inventory lot of hops is graded for seeds and stems today because they are both undesirables.

But what happens when those hops go through the harvesting machine, and the “chop” blows the excess out the back as waste, to eventually go back in the fields as compost? Occasionally, you get a cross-bred seed, a “volunteer”, usually of likely unknown origin, and definitely of unknown origin in the case of Ahhhroma, because it could have been a cross between 44 different varieties. We have no real idea.

So we can safely say that it came out of the Research Hopyard at Glacier Hops Ranch, but that’s about all we can say about the origin.

We can also say that the result was surprising and has been worth pursuing over the past several years. We had a small amount of Ahhhroma acreage in our early years, and it all went into Hopzoil™. The harvest of 2021 was the first year we had enough to put into pellets, and the initial lot came in at a pretty awesome 16.6% Alpha Acid content, to complement the high oil levels with notable mango, pineapple, pear, piña colada sensories, with notes of stone fruit, lime, melon and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Total Oil2.2 mL
Methyl Heptanoate0.10%
Geranyl acetate 20.01%
Methyl Laurate0.02%
Caryophyllene oxide0.01%

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