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Yeah, we live in a pretty cool place

Nestled near the gateway to Glacier National Park in Montana’s scenic Flathead Valley, we choose to live here because of the surprisingly mild climate and great quality of life, scenery and recreation opportunities. We found that we can grow premium quality hops here, too.

We are a Global Source for hops

Sure, we like where we live, but great hops are grown around the world. We are a single-source for globally-produced hops, ranging from American Aroma hops from the famed Pacific Northwest, to imported hops from Germany’s historic Hallertau and Tettnang regions, to the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Great Britain and New Zealand. Our experienced International Shipping Coordinator takes the challenge out of exporting, and manages the logistics whether shipping a few hundred pounds or an entire container across the ocean.

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We can find
what you are looking for
It’s rare that one source has everything a customer is looking for, so we dig deep to find everything our clients are looking for…at consistently competitive prices.


Hops require
logistics expertise
We currently export to over 50 countries around the globe.  Our experienced Logistics Manager teams with our International Shipping Coordinator to take the challenge out of exporting. Shipping pellets or Hopzoil anywhere in the U.S. is a piece of cake, by comparison, yet they make both look easy and reliable.


…for more than beer
Our customers use our ingredients to create a full array of hard and soft beverages, food and is used in the nutraceutical/dietary supplements world, with specific examples including CBD extracts, lotions, cosmetics, with numerous other applications.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

  • Tom and his team are very positive and always share a very optimistic attitude. They have displayed great professionalism and have been quite responsive to us, and our needs. We have enjoyed working with Glacier Hops Ranch, and are looking forward to working together in the future.

    ZIP Service Team
    ZIP Service Team Moscow, Russia
  • Tom’s enthusiasm and willingness to explore detailed aspects of hop production and market opportunities were instrumental in his effectiveness as a member of the Hop Growers of America Board of Directors. His efforts as the historic first-ever At-Large Director resulted in the formation of the new HGA Small Grower Council, which focuses on issues specific to small and new hop growers, particularly those located in non-traditional production regions lacking infrastructure for processing and marketing.

    Ann George, Executive Director
    Ann George, Executive Director Hop Growers of America | Moxee, WA
  • Based on new science presented at the CBC, we are discontinuing our dry hopping program. It was the straw that broke the camels back.  We already know that dry hopping causes oxygen ingress, and that hops have a degree of re-attenuation issues. The assertion was that dry hopping actually decreases bitterness.  So if we can achieve the same or better aroma with Hopzoil, then it’s really a no brainer for us. We are invested in the technology and the product. ‘Finishing Hops’ in the form of these oils will be the future.

     Tim Schnars II, Brewmaster
    Tim Schnars II, Brewmaster Meadowlark Brewing Co. | Sidney, Montana
  • It’s a great pleasure working with Tom and the team at Glacier Hops Ranch. Tom and his team strive to  facilitate our every request efficiently and they are always extremely helpful and accommodating whilst making our experience super easy and enjoyable, nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Our customers continually praise the quality of hops that they receive, and for that we are excited and proud to support and work alongside an exceptional and reliable company.

    Caiomhe Nugent
    Caiomhe Nugent Loughran Family Malt | Dundalk, Ireland
  • Western Cider has received tremendous positive feedback for its Poor Farmer Hopped Cider. Glacier Hops Ranch distilled Hopzoil™ has added a distinctive aroma and flavor to our new cider. Glacier Hops Ranch has been a pleasure to work with.

    Jon Clarenbach, Owner & GM
    Jon Clarenbach, Owner & GM Western Cider, Missoula, MT

Hopzoil™…fresh hop “WOW”, and more

We are the exclusive source for genuine Hopzoil, steam-distilled from farm-fresh hops, only at harvest time. Our proprietary distillation process takes all the volatile oils that are present in ripe hops out in the field, and captures it for post-fermentation addition in beers and ciders.