Nestled near the gateway to Glacier National Park in Montana’s scenic Flathead Valley, we choose to live here because of the surprisingly mild climate and great quality of life, scenery and recreation opportunities. We also found that premium quality hops can be grown here, too.



Having a brewery designed specifically as a research laboratory is both a luxury and a necessity. Working in the Blonde Molly lab allows us to develop Hopzoil-specific recipes and troubleshoot any issues found by brewers around the world.



We currently export to over 50 countries around the globe.  Our experienced Logistics Manager teams with our International Shipping Coordinator to take the challenge out of exporting. Although shipping hops in the U.S. is a piece of cake in comparison to filling international orders, they make both look easy and reliable. 



Our customers use our Hopzoil to create a full array of hard and soft beverages and food and are used in the nutraceutical/dietary supplements world, with specific examples including CBD extracts, lotions and cosmetics, with numerous other applications. 




“I wanted to let you know that we just dosed our first Hopzoil treatment, and we love it. In fact, I’m hoping we can order some more! Can we order some more HAZY Juicy Fruitbomb, please?”
– Nate Kester, Head Brewer, Irondequoit Beer Company, Rochester, NY
“Working with Glacier Hops Ranch has been a pleasure. From a product side, we have enjoyed what their Hopzoil has done in our beers. From the customer support side, they are always friendly, helpful, and responsive. Definitely enjoy working with them.”
– Tre’ O’Brien III, Ph.D. QC Manager, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co, Houston
“Hopzoil is definitely, in our opinion, more interesting than the aroma extracts from [others], and better pricing also.”
– Steve Gonzalez, MS, Brewing and Distilling, Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation, Head Brewer Stone Napa, CA
“We had our first 300-gallon batch kegged Friday with the cascade Hopzoil. We originally were going to only dose 5 ml a bbl but found it to be too light and so we went with your suggestion of the 10ml BBL. You were right. It has turned out to be one of our best products and got rave reviews at a tasting on Saturday. One of the biggest bars/restaurants in town has already ordered the new flavor and we go on tap today. Thanks for all the help and I’m sure you will be hearing from us again soon.”
– Dale Tanner, Dry Wrought Cider, Gainesville, FL
“We have been using Hopzoil MAJIK from Glacier for years now. These products have been a game-changer, especially with our New England-style IPA’s. We are seeing a higher yield with less hop pellets and still achieve the same effect simply by adding these oils to the bright tank just before carbing. There is a very noticeable difference in the nose and the taste of the beer. It seems to make it brighter on the pallet and carries longer overall. Many customers simply enjoy the abundant aroma and long-lasting flavor. I would recommend Hopzoil MAJIK to any brewer big or small. ”
– Chad Medved, Grist House Craft Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA
“When I first entered the global world of hop oils/extracts I was not impressed. Now with Hopzoil from Glacier, I am. Hopzoil vs other oils, It’s a night and day difference. Give me Hopzoil or give me death. Ok, that’s dramatic, still, give me Hopzoil.”
– Jason Leeman, Pinter, London UK
“Everything went fantastic. Customers have commented that they can’t quite put their finger on it, but this is our best batch of that particular beer! We are just waiting on commissioning our new equipment at the end of the month to ramp up production.”
– Mike Broderick, Co-Owner/Brewer, Ingenious Brewing, Humble, TX
“We added the two Hopzoil emulsions (Chinook and Juicy Fruit Bomb) over the weekend and it is smelling and tasting awesome – one of my favorite beers we’ve made in a while. Thank you!”
– Robert Fulwiler, Quality Manager, Fremont Brewing, Seattle
“The Hopzoil Majik really morphed our beer into what we were looking for! Thank you so much for such a great product. I’d like to always have your product on hand! ”
– Richard Day, Green Tree Brewery Le Claire, IA
“Hopzoil needs to be in the arsenal of every brewery! It adds an unmistakably punchy and fresh hop aroma that pours out of the glass in addition to accentuating hop flavors. We used it for an experimental New England IPA with overwhelming results from the market. The beer utilized pellets on the hot and cold side with the addition of Hopzoil in the brite tank. It was extremely easy to calculate the dosage rate, utilize and the SOP for cleanup remained unchanged. This product is versatile and a game changer!”
– Tim Qua, Low Tide Brewing, Charleston, SC


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