Genuine. The original PURE hop oil.

Hopzoil™ is the pure essential oil made only from fresh, wet hops and steam-distilled right out of the field at harvest time. Using this proprietary process, we are able to capture all of the fresh, intense, essential oils found only in fresh hops, leaving all the biomass behind

PURE. No Synthetics.

FRESH. Never dried or processed.

INTENSE. A little goes a long way.

Tired of yield losses on heavily hopped beer?

Dry-hopping can be frustrating and expensive. Brewers have learned that by using Hopzoil, they can reduce filtration losses, along with reduced labor, freight, and storage costs, and increase yield and aroma, leading to more profit out of every batch of beer brewed.

Brewers tell us… “this is the future”.

Think of it as liquid dry-hopping.

Brewers who have either partially or fully substituted their dry-hopping with pellets for Hopzoil™, have reported increased yield and profit with each batch. Brewers report average yield gains of 5% to 30% or more.

That’s a lot of free beer.

In addition, reduced freight and storage costs, increased shelf-life and ease-of-use advantages all impact your bottom line, along with an increase in throughput, from reduced dry-hopping time.

Increased shelf-life

American hop-forward beer flavors typically “drop off a cliff” at 60-90 days. Tests are showing that using Hopzoil extends hop flavor shelf life in beer by a factor of three to five times. Hop aroma and flavor drop-off is mitigated by using as little as 2 ml/BBL added to bright beer.

  • Keep your serving tanks fresh longer.
  • Eliminate out-of-date beer buybacks from Distributors.

The shelf life of Hopzoil in the bulk container is five years…typically a longer shelf life than pellets.

Eliminate hop creep & hop burn

Retain all the bitterness that is normally stripped during dry-hopping incremental fermentation. Solving DO2, re-attenuation, and diacetyl issues are all key advantages of Hopzoil. The MBAA Technical Report (Q3 2016) concludes that pure hop oil does not affect IBU test results.

Add Intense “Fresh-Hop” Aroma

Hopzoil™ provides an intense freshness that cannot be replicated with dried processed hops. The result captures the complex “fresh hop” aroma and flavor… that you can use year-round.

Hopzoil™ Checks All The Boxes…

√ Reduce your hop bill on each batch.
• Think of Hopzoil™ as “liquid dry-hopping”.
• When you use Hopzoil™, you will want to reduce hop pellets.

√ Increase shelf-life of hop-forward beers.
• Avoid that hop-flavor drop-off. Increases shelf-life up to 120-150 days or more.

√ Reduce freight costs:
• One liter is ample to dose approx. 200 BBLs.
• One liter has equivalent aromatic oil to approx. 375-450 lbs of fresh hops (depending on variety)
• Two 950 ml bottles ship anywhere in the U.S. for only $16.72.

√ Reduce storage space:
• Just refrigerate. Does not need to take up expensive freezer space

√ Long shelf-life:
• Oil retains full potency in original container for years.
• “Best Before” date – 5 years from production
• Hop-forward beer retains aroma better over time.

√ Reduce your carbon-footprint:
• No fossil fuels used to dry hops
• Less to ship, less to store, less to waste.

Hopzoil™ starts with a different raw ingredient.

We start with fresh hops, which are available only at harvest time, right out of the field. Hopzoil™ does not use dried, processed hops. Fresh hops contain all the volatile, most aromatic oils, captured at the peak of freshness, and you can’t get any more fresh than this.

All brewers know that heat volatizes and evaporates these most aromatic of hop oils. That’s why a fresh hop ale tastes so different. You can’t put back into a raw ingredient what has been taken out during drying or processing. It’s made using our Proprietary Process.

Hopzoil™ takes fresh hops, and steam-distills them, right on the farm. We use pure steam, rather than a CO2 or other solvent-based extract process. This process allows us to capture “freshness” of fresh hops, retaining the intensely complex floral, citrus, tropical fruit and piney aromas, similar to what you would expect in any given variety, but more intense.

The result shouts “Intensely Fresh!”

Our process yields a very different result. Hopzoil™ provides an intense freshness that cannot be replicated with dried processed hops. The result captures “fresh hop” aroma and flavor…that you can use year-round.


Hopzoil™ Varieties, Aroma Profiles, & Packaging Options

The Bottom Line:

√ Higher yield per batch: reduce or eliminate dry-hopping pellets, and your filtration losses (and labor) will plummet, increasing your yield and profit.
• With Hopzoil™, Same inputs = More beer yielded per batch = More profit per batch.

√ Retain all the bitterness that is stripped during dry-hopping incremental fermentation
• Hop oil, one of the main reasons brewers dry hop, does not affect IBU test results

√ Reduce dry-hopping pellets, reduce your hop bill per batch.
• Think of the process as “liquid dry-hopping”

√ Reduce shipping costs: One liter is enough for approximately 200 barrels

√ Reduce storage space: Does not need to take up freezer storage space

√ Long shelf-life: retains full potency for years, beer retains “fresh” taste and aroma over time.

√ Reduce carbon-footprint: no energy used to dry hops, less to ship, less to store, less to waste.

See the Hopzoil™ difference for yourself.

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