Ahhhroma™ Collab Project

***Collaborations for commercial customers only***

For International collaborations, please email info@glacierhopsranch.com

We are looking for a limited number of breweries to do a collaboration with our new proprietary hop variety; Ahhhroma™. This extreme dual-purpose hop has high alpha acids (16.6% AA) and high oil content. It is brand new to the market and breweries willing to do the collab will be provided with complimentary Ahhhroma pellets, and even Hopzoil® (if desired).

The Objective: To learn and share knowledge about this new hop variety. There are multiple ways of using this multi-purpose hop and this project is intended to quantify, qualify and share the results.

Parameters: We are looking for collaborations of between one BBL and 20 BBL. Anywhere in that range is good.

Hops for the Collab: We will provide the Ahhhroma hop pellets, on the house, of course. We have one pound and 11 lb packages available for this project.
Using Ahhhroma exclusively in this collab is not a requirement. In fact, we are curious to see how it interacts with other varieties, as well as a single hop. The more information we can glean from this Project, the better for everyone. We can go either way, and so can you. But we will provide the Ahhhroma to you on a complimentary basis.

What we request in return: Primarily, feedback. We would like feedback from you, the brewer, in the form of your style, recipe and consumer reaction.
We have a standardized feedback template that is required upon completion of the project. Secondarily, we would like to receive some kind of recognition for this collab in your local tap room in the form of our GHR logo, a reference to Ahhhroma™ as the primary hop. Promoting it on social media would be awesome (in addition to helping to get feedback). We will provide you with logos/artwork upon request.

Ahhhroma Collab

Fill out the form below and submit. We will review and contact you in 2-4 business days with additional information. Thank you!
We are offering up the Ahhhroma in both T-90 Pellets and Hopzoil® for this collab. You're welcome to choose one or the other, or both for your project.