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We maintain grower-direct hop sourcing relationships with almost two dozen hop farms, warehouses, dealers and distributors. As a result, we are able to find the widest array of varieties at competitive prices for you.

Whether you are looking for a single Spot purchases or a Forward Contract, we can help advise you.

For volumes of more than 350 lbs. per variety, let us quote you something special.

Hop Pellets

We specialize in T-90 pellets, quality-processed, nitrogen-flushed and packed in mylar foil packs. Depending on the variety and inventory lot, our hops are professionally packed in 11 lb (5kg), 22 lb (10 kg) or 44 lb (20 kg) packs.

Pellets are warehoused typically at -3C to assure quality through delivery to breweries.


Whole Leaf Hops

Like the flavor of whole leaf? We can offer mini-bale (50 lb) and full bale (200 lb) whole leaf options for you. Whole leaf mini-bales (also called “Quarter Bales”), generally should be contracted well before September harvest, although we can find them on the Spot market. Inquire as to availability.

Fresh Hops

Want the complex, intense aroma and flavor of fresh hops? We can provide it from our own hop yards at harvest time, and make arrangements with you to pick them up at the farm during the peak of harvest season.



We are your exclusive source for Hopzoil™. Hopzoil™ is the result of taking only fresh hops at harvest time and steam-distilling them on the farm to capture all of those essential oils found in fresh hops out in the field. It is distinctly different from traditional liquid extracts in both the raw ingredient (fresh hops vs. dried, soft pelletized hops) and the extraction process. It is comprised of only pure fresh-hop essential oil. Learn more about Hopzoil by clicking here.

C0² Extract

Packaged in tins containing 150 grams of Alpha, CO2 hop extract is a golden to tan, thick honey-like paste with all the natural hop variety specific brewing characteristics. Tins are available individually or by the case.


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