Package Options

Hopzoil is packaged in various sizes and configurations:

Sample Sizes:
2.5 ml in amber glass vials. Each 2.5 ml vial is suitable to roughly dose a half-barrel keg. A little goes a long ways.

Commercial Sizes:

50 ml, 250 ml, 600 ml and 1,000 ml, and are packaged in UN-certified aluminum bottles. Each bottle is topped with a beverage-grade Nitrogen flush, and sealed with an LDPE plug and a tamper-evident, resealable plastic cap.

Beer Rescue Kit:

Every now and then, any commercial brewer ends up with a batch of beer that needs to be rescued. For whatever reason, the hop-forward aroma didn’t take like it should, maybe there was a reaction with the yeast…who knows, it just happens to the best of them.

In those situations, having a Beer Rescue Kit on hand and stored in the fridge might be just what the Doctor ordered.

Each Beer Rescue Kit comes with eight 50 ml containers of pure Hopzoil varieties, one of each.

And once you have it on hand, you might as well test it in your various styles of beer.

Also works great to punch up the aroma intensity of a serving tank that has been sitting over 30 days, and is starting to lose it’s dry-hopping aroma.