A Major Hopzoil™ Collaboration Just Announced

This is kind of a big deal.

October 13, 2017 – WHITEFISH, MT:  A collaboration has been announced between the two main U.S. producers of fresh-hop, steam-distilled hop oils.  The pure hop oil is used by Craft breweries and other commercial users.

Green Acre Farms, Inc. of Toppenish, WA and Glacier Hops Ranch, Inc. of Whitefish, MT jointly announced the collaborative agreement.  The collaboration expands the distribution of pure steam-distilled hop oils produced using fresh hops.  The hop oil will be globally marketed and distributed under the Hopzoil™ brand.

Years of hop oil distillation experience

“We began producing pure, steam-distilled oil from fresh hops right out of the field several years ago. One of the top ten Craft breweries in the country has been using it for their groundbreaking IPA brand over the last few years”, said Green Acre Farms President Gary Morfort from his Toppenish, WA office. “This relationship allows us to expand the reach and distribution across many markets and channels.”

Glacier Hops Ranch took an independent approach to becoming a producer of the pure, intensely-aromatic oil two years ago. They utilized distillation facilities in Montana’s Flathead Valley, with locally-grown, freshly-harvested hops.  “When we began talking with Green Acre Farms earlier this year, we realized that there were some clear synergies and advantages to be gained by working together. “Supply chain efficiencies is one of the key benefits”, said Tom Britz, President of Glacier Hops Ranch. Hopzoil™ is different than other liquid hop extracts used in the brewing industry. It uses a different raw ingredient (fresh “wet hops”, available only at harvest time).  It is produced using a different process that employs large-scale pure steam-distillation free of solvents.  The result is a very different, highly concentrated ingredient.  “A little goes a very long way,” said Britz.

Pure hop oil provides significant economic advantages, too

Britz cited shipping advantages, storage efficiencies, shelf life, and reducing filtration losses as key economic drivers of the ingredient.  “We can ship the equivalent of 750 lbs. of fresh hops anywhere in the U.S. for $12.40.  You just can’t beat the freight savings.”  Test breweries also gained an additional 3% to 15% yield from each batch by reducing filtration losses, Britz added.

Hopzoil is currently available in ten hop varieties and blends, including Azacca®, Ahhhroma™, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus/CTZ, El Dorado®, Pekko® as well as two proprietary blends.

More information is available at www.hopzoil.com, or by emailing info@hopzoil.com.

About Green Acre Farms: initially established in 1949 as a potato farm, GAF quickly shifted its focus to hops, and is now a fifth-generation hop producer.  GAF is diverse agricultural family enterprise, producing hops, apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, mint, dill and wheat.  GAF is known as an innovator in improving handling and traceability of products, work safety programs and food safety compliance.  www.greenacrefarms.com