Want Consistency year-in, year-out?

Look at TrueHOP™

There are times (such as when you have a production beer) that you need to have consistency in aroma and flavor with your historic use of processed hops. Switching from dry-hopping with processed pellets to FreshHOP™ Hopzoil, while it might be wonderful…it will be different. And for a production beer, “different” is not always good.

For those situations, we present TrueHOP™…the same steam-distilled, pure, essential hop oil that has been fractionalized and re-blended to match the oil profile of that same variety of processed hops. It’s still pure, it’s still solvent-free.

The TrueHOP™ version will match your existing dry-hopping aroma and flavor, while still imparting the shipping, storage, shelf-life and yield gain benefits of FreshHOP™ Hopzpoil.

We can even custom blend any variety of TrueHOP Hopzoil, so that it matches the oil profile you are looking for, with year-in, year-out consistency (minimum quantities apply).

Contact us at info@hopzoil.com for more information on how TrueHOP can match up your dry-hop pellet oil aroma, but with all the efficiencies of pure fresh-hop steam-distilled Hopzoil.